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2.0 civil rights sit-in at Queens NY Applebee’s. Protesting globalist medical apartheid.

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

During the 1960’s, civil rights activists staged lunch counter sit-ins to protest denial of service to Black people. In 2021, the history wheel turns and repeats. Racial segregation then, vaccine segregation today.

On 12-15-21, a group of brave New Yorkers held a sit-in at Applebee’s restaurant in Queens in response to the NYC vaccine mandates which prohibit the unvaccinated from entering dining establishments and most other public venues. An army of police were called to the scene, and four of the protesters were arrested. Are we watching history in the making? It looks like it. American non-violent resistance in the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr.

Video from East Ghost Reports Bitchute channel. IG: @eastghostreports

For more info on NY protests go to

What makes this whole vaccine mandate so terrible is that it’s one giant false flag. The Wuhan “gain of function” lab which allegedly released covid was run by the Fauci Big Pharma gang. Create problem, offer solution- totalitarian mind f*ck rule number one. Bill Gates and the WEF ran a tabletop pandemic simulation months before the official outbreak, even using a fictional coronavirus with a bat as its vector. They inflated the death toll numbers. They’d been working on a digital global vaccine passport years before the pandemic. The Covid-19 false flag is the gateway to Orwellian high tech dictatorship aka neo-feudal technocracy.

Any freedoms we have/had came from people who were willing to sacrifice their safety, freedom, and even lives. The globalists are taking those hard earned gains away. From free speech to bodily autonomy- they want it all. Good thing there are those who are still willing to fight for our rights.

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