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Biden sends $40 billion to Ukraine while America’s economy tanks.

Updated: May 31, 2022

Joe Biden sent $40 billion dollars to Ukraine. That money could’ve been spent on small trailers to house millions of homeless people- or anything else that helps Americans. But our “government” doesn’t work for us. It works for big corporations, banks, foreign lobbies, and the super-rich. The rulers of America hate their citizen-subjects.

$40 billion dollars buys lots of expensive armaments for the Ukraine-Russia war. Weapons contractors get the money. The same thing happened in the $6 trillion dollar Iraq War.

The trillions of dollars spent on war creates debt, because all the money is borrowed. Bankers own the debt. They make money off the debt by charging interest. The American people have to pay off that debt. Medicare, social security, and other social benefit programs will be cut to make the payments- which will continue to grow due to increasing interest rates. No matter which side wins the war- the bankers get paid.

Russia produces much of the world’s grain and natural gas. The war disrupted the flow of food and energy, causing a disruption in global supply chains. Now add inflation caused by banker debt into the equation. You can see the results in the supermarket cereal aisle- $10 dollars a box in some places. You can see it with the baby formula shortage. You can see it at the gas pump.

Covid suddenly stopped, and the Ukraine war took over the headlines. Rather than deal with the financial consequences of the covid two-year economic shutdown, America jumped right into a new war. War enriches banks and corporations- just like pandemics. During the covid crisis, almost $4 trillion dollars in wealth was transferred from the working and middle class to the billionaires.

Expect more war and pandemics. Bill Gates is the biggest private owner of American farmland. Ukraine has some of the world’s richest farmland. After Ukraine is destroyed, Bill Gates plans to steal its farmland. If you own all the farms, you control the global food supply. Like uber-globalist Henry Kissinger said, “Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls the money can control the world.”

Russia and Ukraine produce lots of food and energy. The globalists want to steal Ukraine and Russia’s food and energy. They also want to steal their money. The Wall Street parasites already looted America’s treasury. They need new victims.

Bill Gates is the largest donor to the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO is in the process of passing an international treaty that gives it unprecedented dictatorial powers. The WHO will be able to shut down countries, lock people in quarantine concentration camps, or force them to take experimental vaccines developed and owned by Bill Gates and his Big Pharma friends.

The same billionaires and bankers that managed the covid crisis are also managing the Ukraine crisis. It’s about control- and theft. The end game is a One World Government run by international bankers, multinational corporations, and oligarchs. They want to turn the human race into a slave pen of biologically and technologically controlled factory farm animals. Only Satan would create such a system.

What does it mean to be Satan’s slave? It could mean being a mindless consumer of Big Tech propaganda. It could mean receiving a forced vaccine that takes over your DNA. It could mean slow starvation. I could mean a hand or brain chip that regulates your every move. It could mean extermination if the globalists deem you a useless eater taking up space.

What we face is an existential battle between good and evil. The globalists have declared war on the human race. The problem is that most people don’t know that. Mainstream news isn’t going to report on it. Especially since six corporations control the media. The bankers own majority shares of those media corporations- as well as the corporations that make money off the pandemic and Ukraine war.

Through debt and theft, the bankers and corporations took ownership of America’s courts, politicians, police, prisons, financial system, infrastructure, military, and land mass. The situation looks bleak, but evil often fails at its moment of peak power. Unfortunately, it often takes down lots of innocent people with it.

Many of the world’s religious scriptures speak of an end time dominated by narcissism, self-interest, corruption, and tyranny. In Hindu religious texts it’s known as the age of Kali Yoga. The Bible calls it the “end times.” Through their psychotic greed and pathological need for control, the globalists are setting the stage for societal collapse (the Great Reset) and the Battle of Armageddon (World War 3).

If the globalists repent, and realize it’s better to create a peaceful and prosperous world rather than a high-tech Kingdom of Hell on Earth, then disaster could be avoided. The apocalypse has a kill switch, but it needs to be activated in time. Barring such a deus ex machina moment, civilization will experience massive tribulation.

Force creates counter-force. By pushing humanity into the smelting furnace of chaos, the globalists are unknowingly forging a sword that will be wielded against them. That sword could take the form of mass rebellion, wrathful Mother Nature, or a nuclear ICBM.

Today it’s Ukraine. Tomorrow it will be a deadlier strain of covid. The day after, financial collapse. After that it could mean war with China. Don’t underestimate the globalists’ propensity for evil, or the extreme measures they will take to preserve their power. However they play it, it’s going to be a hairy-scary ride for humanity.

Richard Solomon,

Freedom Coalition News

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