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Bucha Ukraine Massacre: How to spot a Neocon false flag.

Neocon globalists love false flags like a woodpecker loves fat juicy tree larvae. As I stated in a previous article, the Great Reset requires a continuous series of orchestrated crises and false flags to terrorize and control the population. The Ukraine Bucha Massacre provides a real world example of this strategy.

For those unfamiliar with the story, corporate news reported that a week before Russian troops left the town of Bucha, they massacred hundreds of Ukrainian civilians. Calls for bloody revenge against Russia rang out from NATO, U.S. politicians, and the Operation Mockingbird press. Former television actor and current Ukranian President Zenlensky gravely stated, “This is genocide,” when he appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation. The “C” in CBS should stand for CIA- or cretin.

Taking their lead from the manufacturers of consent, the salivating Pavlov’s dog triple vaxxed masses waved their blue and yellow flags as they howled for increased sanctions and military action against Russia. To avenge Bucha, the American “people” demanded World War 3. However, before you sign up for mushroom cloud mania, I urge you to take a closer look at the Deep State’s Bucha massacre narrative.

As reported by journalist Joe Lauria in Consortium News, on March 31, the jovial mayor of Bucha posted on his facebook page that Russian forces had left the town the day before. No mention of a massacre or dead bodies clogging up the streets. The following is taken directly from Lauria’s article:

But wait, the Deep State vessels have more evidence to prove their narrative. According to the New York Times and Wikipedia, Maxar Technologies produced satellite images on April 4 to support the massacre story- over two weeks after the killings allegedly took place. Ah- but who is Maxar Technologies?

Maxar is a giant defense contractor that works with U.S. and NATO military and intelligence services. We can trust Maxar, right? I mean, the government and corporate media vouch for them.

So what if satellite images of dead bodies that supposedly laid in the streets for over two weeks show no signs of decomposition or disarray. It was probably some kind of fluke occurrence that defied the laws of biology. If the White House, the New York Times, and Maxar Technologies say it’s so, then it must be.

As reported by journalist Jens Bernet in Global Research, Azov Battalions entered Bucha after the Russians left and started “cleansing the city of occupiers.” Since the Russians were already gone, I think that was likely a euphemism for “killing Ukrainian civilians who were suspected Russian sympathizers.” That would explain the bodies that littered the streets. Azov has a history of torturing and killing Ukrainian civilians they deem "unpatriotic."

Azov are neo-Nazis. Yes, the CIA created a neo-Nazi proxy army to fight Russia in a neocon created version of a second Soviet-Afghanistan War. Azov are the 21st century nazified version of the 1980’s CIA funded mujahideen.

But Nazis? How could that be when the Ukraine crisis has more Jewish producers and directors than a Hollywood movie studio? Volodymyr Zelensky the Ukrainian President is a Rothschild Zionist Jew. Ukrainian/Israeli dual national Igor Kolomoisky, the oligarch who put Zelensky in power, is a Rothschild Zionist Jew. George Soros, the financier who funded most of the neoliberal/NATO NGOs that operate in Ukraine is a Rothschild Zionist Jew. Lead manager of the Ukraine crisis Victoria Nuland (original family name Nudelman) is a Rothschild Zionist Jew. And coincidently her husband Robert Kagan, cofounder of the Project for a New American Century- the neoconservative think tank that “predicted” 9/11 just before it happened and pushed the Iraq War, is a Rothschild Zionist Jew.

The long working relationship between Rothschild Zionists and Nazis is well documented. Jewish banking families like the Warbergs and Rothschilds had lucrative business dealings with the Third Reich. That Rothschild Zionists bankroll Ukranian Nazi head choppers should come as no surprise. The Rothschild Zionists fund ISIS head choppers in the Middle East to fight for the U.S. Anglo-Zionist Empire. Now they’re shipping ISIS fighters to Ukraine. Talk about a vertical integration business model.

Seven out of eight of the richest international banking families are Jewish. It makes sense that they’d hire mostly Jewish managers. Crime syndicates are often tribal. The Italian Mafia recruits Italians for the top spots, but works with people from all nationalities. The Rothschild Zionist mafia functions along the same lines. Most Italians are not in the Mafia, and most Jews are not Rothschild Zionists. Historically, righteous/little Jews have endured great suffering due to Rothschild Zionist actions. The Rothschild Zionists make John Gotti look like St. Francis of Assisi.

The ancient Roman scholar and politician Cicero advised us to ask, “Who benefits?” It’s a good question when analyzing a false flag. Like 9/11, but on a much smaller scale, the Bucha massacre is about control and wealth transferance via war and genocide. Most crimes against humanity that play out on the international stage receive their greenlight from the eight global banking families. Their neocon managers strive to make Meyer Rothschild’s quote, “When the streets run red with blood, I buy,” a reality.

So who benefits from a Ukraine-Russian war? First and foremost, the bankers. War creates fantastic amounts of debt. Bankers derive their primary profits off debt and usury. It’s their business model.

On the international stage, the U.S. Anglo-Zionist empire used the Ukraine War to destroy any chance of Germany developing trade relations with Russia and China. Before the Ukraine crisis, Russia and Germany were about to complete the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline deal. Killing this deal and shutting down trade with Russia caused great harm to Germany’s economy, and ensures it will remain a depleted vassal state under U.S. hegemony.

The Ukraine crisis also gave the MIC an excuse to force NATO member countries to buy billions of dollars of weapons. This is at a time when the people of those nations are sinking into economic despair. Left unchecked, the MIC looters plan to turn Germany and the rest of Europe into third world level countries. Just like they’re doing in the U.S. Our Pentagon budget is almost 1 trillion dollars a year.

Don’t forget the huge profits that Big Oil and the other multinational corps receive from the rising prices that accompany chaos and war. Banks and corporations derive most of their profits from human suffering. The Great Reset, which is the epitome of human suffering, if successful, will put all planetary wealth into the hands of the one percent. The Ukraine crisis, like covid, is just another move to make it happen.

In regards to Ukraine, the neocons want Holodomor 2.0 to rid the country of its indigenous inhabitants. Then they can steal Ukraine’s rich farmland for the Gates-Monsanto agribusiness cartel like they’re doing in the U.S. They also want to control the natural gas pipeline routes that pass through Ukraine.

Another motivating factor behind this nightmare appears to be that the Rothschild Zionists want to recreate a second Israel in the same general location as the old Jewish ruled kingdom of Khazaria, which in their minds, includes large swaths of Ukrainian and Russian territory. As reported by the Jewish Telegraph Agency, President Zelensky said, “Ukraine will look more like Big Israel than Europe in the wake of Russia’s war.

As for Russia, not content with ruthlessly pillaging the collapsed Soviet Union in the 1990’s, Wall Street bankers want another go at it. This time they plan to take it all. President Putin said bringing NATO into the Ukraine was a red line because such a move posed an existential threat to Russia. So what did the globalists do? They brought NATO into the Ukraine.

NSA head and Trilateral Commission cofounder Zbigniew Brzezinski sped up the collapse of the Soviet Union by drawing the Russians into the Soviet-Afghan War. The neocons want to use the same tactic to bring down Putin’s Russia. And if America economically collapses in the process- not a problem. The endgame is One World Government, perhaps with multiple faces- like Oceania, Eurasia, and East Asia in George Orwell’s “1984.”

When the New York Times, CNN, Washington Post, and MSNBC parrot the same narrative, you can bet grandma’s dentures that it’s false- or a literal false flag. The aforementioned news outlets reported that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein helped with the 9/11 terror attacks and was building weapons of mass destruction to mushroom cloud America. After the neocons got their $6 trillion dollar Iraq War, the corporate media admitted Saddam had no connection to 9/11, and the weapons of mass destruction story turned out to be a hoax.

The neocons pulled a similar scam with the Syrian false flag gas attacks. Just when President Trump announced he wanted to pull the U.S. military out of Syria, President Assad decided to gas his own people- the last last thing Assad would do if he wanted the U.S. to leave. After the Syrian gas false flag, plans for U.S. withdrawal went colder than a Candadian icicle, and the MIC/CIA/Mossad complex continued dropping bombs and sending shipping containers of U.S. taxpayer cash to its ISIS proxy army. Of course it was later revealed by OPCW whistleblowers that the Syrian gas attacks were Deep State false flags.

If you think about it, the entire Rothschild-Rockefeller Satanic Matrix is one big false flag. Continuous waves of psychological, physiological, and financial assaults that get blamed on Muslim terrorists, covid bats, Russians, and global warming. To quote Charlton Heston from Planet of the Apes, “It’s a madhouse! A madhouse!” And the party’s just starting.

Mass killing Ukrainians is evil sh*t that will create fierce karma for the entire planet. Not to get too metaphysical wowie zowie, but as a Jewish Hebrew Israelite (or Jew), I believe the Ukranians are People of the Earth. Their myths and history have a strong connection to the soil and nature. The Rothschild Zionists probably think they need to wipe them out to create their soulless technocratic Kingdom of Hell on Earth.

Right after the 1930's Ukraine Holodomor came World War II. The history books say that war killed around 70 million people. Once again, there is mass killing of Ukrainians. I guess WW3 comes next.

Richard Solomon,

Freedom Coalition News

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