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“Hello COVID-19, 2001 called, and they want their false flag back.”

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

9/11 was the precursor to COVID-19. With each false flag the globalists further consolidate their power.

No matter how far the plandemic drags us down the gaping maw of 1984 meets Brave New World on bad blotter acid, COVID-19 borrowed heavily from and owes much to the September 11th false flag. It's like Led Zeppelin copping riffs from uncredited musicians. The originators deserve their due. However, unlike Blind Willie Johnson, the 9/11 neocons cashed fat royalty checks. As did the Davos vax pushers. And yes, Led Zeppelin rocked, despite their “borrowing” habits. But this ain't 1973 at Madison Square Garden. This is 2021, and you're in a real life dystopian science fiction movie.

The "Osama and the 19 hijackers in a cave" narrative earned its place in the Deep State scriptwriter's hall of fame. Its kamikaze jets and big-screen cinematic fireballs penetrated the DNA of the American psyche, and within its helix, switched on the fear gene to full force dominant mode. Then came COVID-19 -with literal DNA penetration.

The pandemic turned Patriot Act groupthink into mass psychosis, and the still-morphing apocalyptic plague saga with its killer bats and Dr. Mengele savior vaccines could be the greatest psyops story ever told. At least until the Deep State detonates a nuke in a major city. Should that happen, I imagine CNN will report on the radioactive bat that instantaneously combusted into a mushroom cloud. Don’t worry, Pfizer will likely offer a vaccine for radiation poisoning.

It's more fun when you tell them in advance.

Like all good screenwriters, globalists use foreshadowing. The Chekhov's Gun rule states that if you show a firearm in the first act, it needs to go off in the second or third. The masters of the universe go way beyond subtle hints to reveal future events. They make their plans part of the public record.

One year before the Twin Towers went from symbols of American exceptionalism to giant asbestos clouds, a charming little think tank called Project for the New American Century wrote a paper that called for the invasion of Iraq and aggressive military action in the Middle East. The paper stated a catalyst was needed to get the U.S. public behind the prospect of endless war- “some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor.” [1]

PNAC chicken-hawks had umbilical cord ties to the Israel Lobby and the MIC. Cabal membership included William Kristol, Robert Kagan, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, and Donald Rumsfeld. If you dressed them in black robes, they'd resemble typecast actors from a Satanic child sacrifice snuff film. Although they'd still look the part even if outfitted from a Gap catalog.

Shortly after the neocon Band of Merry Pranksters (apologies to the Ken Kesey estate) rode into the White House on the coattails of George W. Bush's stolen election victory, we got our Pearl Harbor 2.0 and Judgment of Nuremberg wars of aggression. In the words of the great American philosopher Gomer Pyle, "surprise, surprise." Not to get too ouija board, but the US military also held mock training exercises that incorporated hijacked commercial jets on the morning of 9/11. [2]

Fast forward to October 18th, 2019 when another bunch of peace-loving Quakers unveiled some planet-shaking foreshadowing. Bill Gates, The World Economic Forum, Big Pharma, international finance, and the security sector put on a tabletop pandemic simulation called Event 201. It took place at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School for Public Health- a Deep State-linked facility that “studies” bioterrorism. For added symbolism, the campus took its name from both a slave owner and a Rothschild Zionist oligarch.

And what was the hypothetical pathogen used in the test run called? Corona Virus Acute Pulmonary Syndrome (CAPS).[3] Not weird enough? The globalists chose a bat as the vector of virus transmission in their Event 201 simulation. To paraphrase Shakespeare, something was rotten in the state of Maryland.

But why would the globalists reveal their plans in advance? A psych warfare technique? A rule in the karmic law playbook that even the Davos crowd must follow? One of the operating codes of the Rothschild-Rockefeller Satanic Matrix? A sub-clause in the globalists' contract with the Devil? Maybe because they can.

It’s a frame-up!

Hollywood has made many movies about protagonists framed for crimes they didn't commit. Humphrey Bogart in Dark Passage and Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train are two of the better ones. Like most villains, globalists love pinning their crimes on others.

Before the invasion of Iraq, the corporate media ran stories linking Saddam Hussein to 9/11. According to the "press," secular Saddam and religious fundamentalist Bin Laden were best buds. Not only did they collaborate on the worst ever terrorist attack on US soil, but the Iraqi dictator was busy building Weapons of Mass Destruction.

If a jet plane could take down a skyscraper, imagine the destructive power of a 757 with an atomic bomb stuffed in its baggage compartment. If anyone could sneak an Islamic Fat Man through check-in, it was the In Cold Blood Middle East’s Dick and Perry. If Team Murica didn't stop the two juiced-up religious psychos, we'd all end up radioactive versions of the Clutter family.

In the end, the Kansas killers got the rope. So did Saddam- except it turned out he had nothing to do with 9/11, or the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” fairytale pushed by the corporate media. As a matter of fact, Saddam had a history of persecuting Islamic fundamentalists, as he thought they posed a threat to his secular regime.

The History Channel version of Bin Laden's Navy SEAL "assassination" was exposed as a fraud by former New York Times Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Seymour Hersh.[4] Even crazier, Bin Laden was a CIA asset during the Soviet-Afghan War, and his billionaire family are friends and business partners of the Bush clan. I doubt we’ll ever know the full story. Dead fall guys tell no tales.

The original COVID-19 fall guy wasn't even human. He was a bat. If you believe that story, then it must have been a Fu Man Chu super bat. A diabolical creature who harbored a burning hatred toward the human race, most likely due to the destruction of his natural habitat. Consumed by rage, he sacrificed himself to become the main ingredient in a bowl of soup. That seems plausible, as anyone familiar with the region knows that Asian cuisine incorporates all kinds of critters. By capitalizing on the Chinese weakness for exotic meats, the super bat crippled the global economy and killed millions. It was an unprecedented case of chiropteran revenge. I assume the bat believed he'd spend eternity with 72 bat virgins.

The ridiculous “trust the science” bat vector scenario was the first narrative pushed by corporate news. Anyone who deviated from scientific scripture risked banishment from social media. The bat fable lasted about a year, and then in a sudden reversal, Fu Man Chu was exonerated. Mainstream news outlets began to report that it was a possible lab leak, which made sense since Wuhan was home to a facility that tweaked nasty viruses into really nasty viruses- a process euphemistically termed "gain of function." Damn those sloppy Chicom scientists. The problem with that theory was that the lab ran under the auspices of American vaccine saint Anthony Fauci. Dum da dum dum dum (Dragnet theme for those not raised by television).

The Wuhan lab was also affiliated with the Pentagon, which manages similar bioweapon facilities all over the world. The pathogen could have been released anywhere and everywhere. A nursing home near Fort Detrick Maryland recorded a mysterious flu outbreak shortly before COVID-19 entered the public consciousness. That military lab also produced the anthrax used in the 2002 terror attacks.

Show me the money!

Since I'm quoting from Tom Cruise movies, in Vanilla Sky, Cruise asks what's the answer to 99 out of 100 questions? Money. The central bankers control the money, and with it bought the courts, media, politicians, military, intelligence agencies, prisons, technology, food supply, nukes, energy grids, corporations, financial institutions, spaceships, and satellites. I wouldn’t be surprised if they own the remains of the Elephant Man. The bastards probably outbid Michael Jackson.

But that's not enough. They want to possess every atom in the universe. If they can't stuff existence into a bank vault, how are the rest of us going to "own nothing and be happy?" To achieve this, it might be necessary to pull off a few false flags. And since they're investing the time and effort, why not make a few bucks along the way?

9/11 was a big moneymaker. Larry Silverstein, World Trade Center lease holder and close friend of Israeli PM Ariel Sharon, had the foresight to take out extra terrorism insurance shortly before the planes hit, nabbing himself a cool 4.55 billion dollars.[6] Other War on Terror lottery winners included Haliburton, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Booz Allen Hamilton. Multi trillion-dollar Middle East wars buy a lot of champagne dreams and caviar wishes, to borrow from the late 24 karat gold toilet bowl evangelist Robin Leach.

COVID-19 was no slouch when it came to big payouts. The pandemic transferred almost 4 trillion dollars in wealth from the working/middle classes to the oligarchs.[7] Big Pharma, Big Tech, and the other satanic acolytes earned unfathomable fortunes off the Fu Man Chu bat. Of course, the Rothschild-Rockefeller cartel got paid. Banksters are like Budweiser on Superbowl Sunday. The beer flows no matter which team wins.

Your papers please!

9/11 changed the way we travel- long security lines, body scans, shoe inspections, no-fly lists. No one said the road to totalitarianism wouldn't have its inconveniences. Covid era travel makes the pre-pandemic TSA look like it was run by Cheech & Chong.

Toxic nasal swabs jammed up your nose, anal swabs stuck up your rear, trace and track apps, quarantine hotel prisons, and the pièce de résistance- your toxic inoculation passport. Is a week in the Cayman's worth it? Soon the aforementioned modalities will become prerequisites for supermarket entry. There was never a better time to be agoraphobic.

I imagine these hoop jumping exercises will ease our transition into vaxxed and chipped epsilons connected to a biometric global database. Optimal health will be achieved when your bloodstream is more polluted than the Ganges from perennial booster shots, and security corporations can monitor your brain's electrical activity for naughty thoughts. The monsters even vaccinate pregnant women. Want a planet of malleable sheep? Begin chemical indoctrination in the womb.

Once AI and automation replace human drudge labor, the bargaining power of the useless eater ends. Sure, the proles can find purpose in selling their organs to pay off credit card debt. But the technocrats are still stuck with the same useless eater sans lung or kidney. 5G remote controlled myocardial infarctions could solve that problem. All you’d need are robotic disposal units and Cap and Trade green-friendly crematoria to tidy up the mess.

The invisible boogeyman.

After 9/11 we fought the War on Terror. But how do you fight an abstract noun? It's the battle that never ends. The COVID-19 false flag also provided an intangible foe. An unseen enemy that is everywhere and anywhere. What’s next? Perhaps an invisible alien invasion from planet Xenu (name credit to L. Ron Hubbard). Curious how the truth tellers at the Pentagon are suddenly sharing top secret UFO videos with the public. [8]

Do you believe in magic? (The Lovin’ Spoonful)

I could write a tome on the similarities between 9/11 and COVID-19, but you get the idea. If you still believe the official government narratives, chances are you, a) wear your 2016 "I'm With Her T-shirt” and "I'm Vaccinated" button ensemble to “vaccinated only” venues, b) Cover your bedroom walls with Anthony Fauci posters, c) watch CNN, or d) All of the above.

There is another more probable choice- e) you are a “good citizen,” as in chained to a dollar chasing/debt accruing hamster wheel. Dependent on Big Pharma mental meds to cope with a society that intentionally cultivates anxiety and depression. Plugged into a virtual world of digital escapism and spectacle. An informed individual who accepts CIA talking points as news. Our government would never take down New York City skyscrapers or wage biowarfare against its citizens. To even entertain such conspiracy theories could induce a psychotic break. Better to follow the “adults in the room.” So shut up, trust the science, and take your jab.

Richard Solomon, Freedom Coalition News

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