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FALSE FLAG ALERT: Memo warns New York State employees of “Russian” cyberattack!

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

A New York State memo sent to government employees warns about a potential “Russian” cyberattack. Covid disappeared from the headlines, replaced by the Ukraine crisis. The Great Reset continues with a new boogeyman. The official email stated the following:

From: ITS Communications Office <>

Sent: Wednesday, March 2, 2022 12:36 PM

To: ITS Communications Office <>

Subject: All Employees – Be Vigilant in Light of Current Cyber Threats

The following message is being sent to all Microsoft Office 365 users on behalf of NYS Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) Chief Information Officer Angelo ‘Tony’ Riddick.

Good afternoon,

As a result of the recent invasion of Ukraine and the corresponding economic sanctions imposed on Russia, cybersecurity experts now warn that Russia may retaliate by launching a series of cyber attacks around the globe, including on state and local governments within the United States. Financial institutions are already bracing for this possibility, and as state employees we should also be on heightened alert.

Since our strongest cybersecurity posture requires every state employee to be engaged and doing their part, WE ARE ASKING FOR YOUR HELP TODAY.


The email continues with recommended security tips and “see something, say something” hypervigilance. The same globalist cabal that assisted in the 9/11 coup and the plandemic wants us to know that evil Russians plan to knock out our digital infrastructure. Take the globalist warning seriously, as their predictions tend to come true. Especially since they orchestrate them.

The neocon policy paper Project for the New American Century, written shortly before 9/11, called for a “Pearl Harbor event” to gain public support for a series of Middle East wars. Event 201, the tabletop pandemic simulation sponsored by Bill Gates, international finance, and the Deep State, played out a scenario of a bat originated coronavirus wreaking havoc on the global economy- months before covid officially struck. Their satanic code demands they tell us in advance.

The Biden administration neocons created the Ukraine crisis to drag Russia into an Afghanistan quagmire. Rothschild Zionists (Not to be confused with little/righteous Jews) feed and profit off human suffering. The Rothschild Zionist controlled U.S.A. moved advanced weapon systems and Fauci “gain of function” bioweapon labs into Ukraine. They forced Russia to defend itself. The globalists destroyed Ukraine.

Cyberattacks provide excellent cover for financial theft. Loot the economy until it collapses, and then blame it on those nasty Russian hackers. What better way to eliminate cash, and replace it with central bank digital currency. Knock out a power grid with a cyberattack, and regroup for the next covid wave/vaccine assault while the mentally captured population cowers in terror.

The U.S.A. became the Roman Empire. Federal Reserve Rothschild Zionism became the Synagogue of Satan. (Once again, I’m not talking about the little/righteous Jews). History repeats in the real life “Book of Revelation.”

“Make America Great Again” is a scam. The same bankers that own Biden, own “Operation Warp Speed” Trump. Believing that pressing a button in a voting booth can change the system is magical thinking. The globalists control the voting booths and who you vote for. They control the system.

U.S. collapse is irreversible. Corporate greed killed the American dream. It will be a painful process with a high body count. The Book of Revelation predicts it. The laws of physics guarantee it. What comes up through evil, must come crashing down. I pray for the safety of the righteous, awakened, and innocent. Those who worship and serve the system deserve the coming hellfire.

The Jewish Hebrew Israelite,

Freedom Coalition News

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