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Globalist Prison America uses divide and conquer to control U.S. citizen inmates.

Face facts. America’s a giant prison. Globalist Prison America. The warden is the Rothschild-Rockefeller bank cartel. The administrators are the oligarchs, politicians, and think tanks. The guards are the alphabet security agencies- CIA, FBI, IRS. The prisoners are the American people.

In the prison industrial complex, money buys privileges- cigarettes, drugs, honey buns, and phone calls. The same concept holds true for Globalist Prison America. No money-no food, shelter, clothing, or healthcare. Many Americans are facing or will face Great Depression level hard times. Most Americans can’t afford a $1000 dollar emergency or are a couple of paychecks away from homelessness. And the economy hasn’t even gone into freefall yet.

In the U.S., poor and working class people get hammered for stepping on a crack in the sidewalk. A teenager received five years for stealing a pair of sneakers. Those in the upper echelon managerial class live above the law. Globalist criminals like Hillary Clinton and Dick Cheney murder and steal with impunity. As long as they serve their bank cartel masters they remain untouchable. On rare occasions, a loyal operative is sacrificed for the “greater good”- see Jeffrey Epstein.

In regular prison, the warden’s greatest fear is that the prisoners will form a united front against their controllers. To prevent this, the administration employs divide and conquer strategies. Gangs vs gangs. This strategy was employed by General Frank Kitson during the Mau Mau Rebellion in 1950’s Kenya. Kitson, a military manager in Great Britain's colonial project, wrote “Gangs and Counter-gangs,” part memoir, part “divide and conquer” manual. A key component to this strategy is to intentionally create miserable living conditions for the oppressed population.

Prison food is often maggot infested and rotten. If prisoners don’t want to starve, they must buy their food from the prison commissary. Private corporations supply commissary staples- as well as the inedible slop served in the prison cafeteria. To eat like a human being requires currency. The prisoners are forced to engage in blackmarket and illegal activities to earn the money they need to survive. Gangs form to take control of the illicit markets- drugs, tobacco, extortion, gambling, etc. They fight each other for market share. Controlled scarcity keeps the prison “hustle” going- and pits prisoner against prisoner.

In Globalist Prison USA, controlled scarcity capitalism keeps everyone locked in a hustle mentality. One major illness or slip-up could land you in the street. The zio-banksters use inflation to drain the savings of the people, and thus keep millions in perpetual struggle. In a dog-eat-dog environment, your fellow citizen becomes an enemy competitor. Financial stress also ruins family relationships. A large percentage of husband/wife or partner relationships end due to money problems.

Add divisive social issues exacerbated by MK Ultra media, and the schisms widen. Pro Life vs. pro choice, Democrat vs. Republican, vax vs. anti-vax, Black vs. White, Gay vs. Straight- it's a never ending culture war. They’ve created what philosopher Thomas Hobbes called, “a war of all against all.” However, unlike the rest of us, the zio-banksters never break ranks. To maintain control of the planet, they stay unified.

The prison industrial complex uses slave labor. Prisoners are leased out to big corporations for pennies an hour. We used to criticize China for prison labor. Today the United States has the biggest prison labor force in the world.

In Globalist Prison America, people work crummy low pay jobs with no benefits. What’s worse is they now want workers to submit to illegal medical experimentation to stay employed. In the prison industrial complex, evil medical technicians perform medical experiments on prisoners. Technocrats do the same thing in Globalist Prison America, as demonstrated by the vaccine mandates.

The globalists broke the unions and organized labor. Ronald Reagan began the process by destroying the Air Traffic Controllers union. He also instituted the big push for the deregulation of banks and corporations. Reagan was a Hollywood actor and globalist puppet. Most “conservative” zoglodytes worship him.

Bill Clinton and Epstein linked bankers like Lawrence Summers, outsourced America’s manufacturing base to China. According to Deep State Google, America’s 10th most valuable export is human blood. Poor people sell their blood to eat. This is symbolic of a blood sucking parasitic economy that transfers its wealth to the one percent. The Clinton Foundation is a crime syndicate that ripped off destitute Haitian earthquake victims. Bill Clinton was a close personal friend of Jeffrey Epstein. Most “liberal” zoglodytes love Bill and Hillary Clinton.

In prison, there are two types of prisoners- the inmate and the convict. The inmate is institutionalized, i.e. his mind is shaped by the environmental conditions that have been put in place by his jailers. The inmate cannot be trusted. The warden controls him by manipulating his basic urges and survival instinct. The inmate will lie, cheat, steal, and snitch on his fellow inmates for a honey bun. The convict lives by a code that protects him from sacrificing his sense of self. He lives by the “convict’s code.” A convict is solid. He retains his dignity.

In Globalist America, tens of millions of citizens have been institutionalized by social media and fake news psychological programming. They are inmates. Their brains unquestioningly accept whatever CIA Operation Mockingbird narrative is constructed for them. With faces continually buried in cell phones, they are seamlessly led from one CIA narrative to the next.

The Deep State lies don’t need to make sense, and can even contradict the stories that preceded them. Covid came from a bat. Covid came from a Wuhan lab leak. The Wuhan lab was financed by Fauci. Fauci’s good. Masks don’t work. Three weeks to flatten the curve. Masks work. One vax. Two vax. Vaccines don’t stop the spread. One booster. Two boosters. Boosters forever. Biometric Vax ID’s with the boosters. Ukraine. Putin. Abortion. Ukraine. Putin. More covid. Economic collapse. Russian hackers. No more cash. Biometric Vax ID digital wallets. No food. Russia. China. New covid. A new vax. Hand chips. Concentration camps. Brain chips. Russia. China. World War 3. Boom.

A much smaller percentage of the population sees through the unending stream of glaring propaganda, psyops, and false flags. They remain tethered to reality by living their truth- and following their code. They are the convicts of Globalist Prison America. Their minds are free, even if they are financially and physically imprisoned.

In order for the globalists to bankrupt and or kill us, they need to convince us to build our own psychological and physical prisons. How else can a few thousand inbred psychopaths control eight billion people? I hope one day the walls of Globalist Prison America come tumbling down. Then the convicts can walk outside, sit down in the grass, and feel the sun on their faces.

Richard Solomon,

Freedom Coalition News

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