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VAERS Admits Vaccine Injuries & Deaths Grossly Underreported- Kill Shot Works as Planned.

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

When the real numbers of injured and killed by the covid vaccine come out, cries of grief and righteous anger will fill the land.

Global Research and Armstrong Economics ran a story about the latest VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event System) study that concluded only 1% of vaccine injuries and deaths are reported. VAERS is the U.S. government program that tracks adverse vaccine reactions. The combined number of vaccine injuries and deaths lists at 818,042. Out of that, the death toll was 17,128. If the VAERS report is to be believed, even with the most conservative estimates, total U.S. fatalities from the covid vaccine could be in the tens if not hundreds of thousands, and injuries could reach the millions.

Since no coroner who wants to keep their job would dare list covid vaccine as a cause of death, the deceased will have officially succumbed to strokes, heart attacks, pulmonary failure, or COVID-19. With successive generations of never ending booster shots, the global death rate could gradually enter into the billions. They don’t want to kill us all at once- clean up would be a nightmare. Don’t worry, when the numbers get too big to hide, the globalists will blame it on the delta strain, or the gamma, or the lambda. Whatever ruse they employ, slavery and depopulation are the globalists’ Malthusian endgame.

If you live in the U.S., you are in hell. When pedophiles, usurers, murderers, and eugenists run your country, your nation is satanic by default. You as an American citizen might be righteous, but U.S. policy is governed by negative energy forces. That’s not to say you can’t keep a positive mental attitude, or prosper. Just know where you’re at. I call it the Rothschild-Rockefeller Satanic Matrix. It relies on illusion to attain mass compliance from its victim population. How else could a handful of super-rich people control seven billion?

The good news is that even billionaire globalists are subject to universal law. By that I mean that the Cosmic Consciousness aka God dictates the rules of the operating system that we call physical reality. When you break the rules, you suffer. The globalists manage the Satanic Matrix, so it’s likely they must adhere to the rules of its evil operating system. All their profits derive from war, usury, genocide, financial ruin, pollution, etc- which is in full accordance with their code. Those who follow Cosmic Consciousness aka God, are bound by an operating system governed by righteous action. If either side breaks the code of their operating system, they suffer the consequences.

In the case of the globalists, they violated a primary tenet of their code- “rule by deception.” In their rush to poison and cull the human race, a not insignificant percentage of the population became aware of their nefarious plan. While most remain under the spell of the Satanic Matrix, many are waking up due to the harsh psychological shock of the Great Reset and the accompanying tangle of obvious lies and contradictions spewed by corporate media.

If the globalists fail to deceive enough people, they suffer a corresponding loss of power. More deceived, more power. Less deceived, less power. That's why Satan aka Negative Energy is the Great Deceiver. Each person that wakes up tilts the scale another degree in our favor. The Battle of Armageddon is approaching, and we need all the soldiers we can muster.

Richard Solomon, Freedom Coalition News

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