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International Banking: The real plague on humanity.

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Search for the root cause of endless war, pestilence, plague, despotism, genocide, and poverty, and like a magot burrowed in gangrenous flesh, one finds the international banker. All pathological ideologies, whether Marxist, fascist, neoliberal capitalist, ISIS caliphate, or Big Pharma technocracy, receive their financing from international banking. If the old saying, money makes the world go round is true, then those who control the money determine which way the planet spins. Given the psycho-spiritual frequency of the Rothschild-Rockefeller bank cartel, the lode-star for global capital always points in the direction of human suffering.

War is the great waster of human capital and planetary resources. The Iraq War sucked six trillion dollars from the U.S treasury, flooded Europe with refugees, killed and maimed millions- and created a Mount Everest pile of debt. Bankers love debt. Through the bankrupting usury that accompanies debt, bankers gain control of the natural resources, economies, and assets of nation-states. The bankers' income stream from war doesn’t stop there. The primary shareholders of Military Industrial Complex corporations like General Dynamics and Raytheon are Blackrock and Vanguard- fronts for the Rothschild-Rockefeller bank cartel.

Throw in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and the other post 9/11 conflicts started by the U.S. Ziocon Empire, and you wind up with a racket that rakes in trillions of dollars for international finance. World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam were also banker wars. To borrow from the title of patriot and Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler’s book, War is a Racket.

After the U.S. launches an invasion against or overthrows a foriegn government through a CIA sponsored coup, a corrupt puppet dictator is installed and that nation’s wealth is turned over to transnational corporations. The seized assets include oil and natural gas deposits, minerals, nationalized utility companies, state banks, airports, agriculture, industry, and fishing zones. Guess who owns the majority stock of these pirate transnational corporations? The international bank cartels. In his book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, former banking insider John Perkins broke down the parasitic methodology of globalized asset seizure.

Sometimes the bankers use a more subtle approach to steal a nation’s wealth. When Greece was going through the process of integrating into the European Union, Goldman Sachs was hired to ensure it was a good fit. It wasn’t, but Goldman Sachs cooked the books to make it “work.” Once Greece replaced the drachma with the euro, it was doomed. When a nation loses control of its national currency it can’t protect itself from economic shocks.

Before long, Greece was buried under an avalanche of debt. The European Central Bank (an arm of the Rothschild-Rockefeller bank cartel) imposed neoliberal austerity on the country. The Greek working and middle classes were thrown into poverty. Pensions and social benefits were cut. The austerity was so severe that many Greeks, especially the elderly, committed suicide. Airports, utilities, historical sites, government agencies, and scenic islands were seized and turned over to global capital for privatization. Socrates drank the hemlock.

Greek patriots protested against the wholesale theft of their nation. Using corrupt domestic politicians, internal security forces, and a flood of refugees created by Middle East and North African ziobankster wars, the country was further destabilized, and Greek resistance was crushed. The bankers are running the same game on the U.S. people.

The United States provides an astounding example of bank takeover. Despite their tragic flaws, the majority of founding fathers wanted to protect the new republic against predatory international banking. They knew that the bankers had taken control of Europe’s economy, and not wanting a repeat, wrote protections into the Constitution to prevent this.

America was a country rich in natural wealth, and from day one, the bankers tried to worm their way into the new economy. To his credit, President Andrew Jackson (another highly flawed individual), prevented the international bankers from taking over U.S. financial institutions. It looked like America would retain its sovereign economy. Until the Civil War.

War is expensive. The Rothschilds and their fellow European bankers loaned large sums of money to both North and South. The loan contracts contained vague clauses that criminally ballooned the repayments and left the victorious Union with insurmountable debt accrued by both sides. As a sidenote, Southern plutocrats were not the only ones who played a role in Black slavery/genocide. The Rothschild network financed the trans-Atlantic African slave trade.

By the close of the Civil War, the international bankers were hands deep in the U.S. treasury cookie jar. President Lincoln’s stated first order of business after the war was the renegotiation of the crooked loan contracts. He was assassinated before he could accomplish this. Some historians believe the bankers put the hit on him. After Lincoln’s death, bribed U.S. politicians ratified the shady loan contracts, turning America into a debtor nation. For a more detailed account of this chapter of history, I recommend Sarah E.V. Emery’s book, Seven Financial Conspiracies Which Have Enslaved the American People. She was alive when this all went down, and her play by play account of events makes for illuminating reading. Her book should be required text for every high school and college student in America.

The Civil War debt gave the international bankers unfettered access to the U.S. economy. By 1913 they had taken complete ownership of the U.S. banking system through the Federal Reserve Act. This was accomplished by bankrolling crooked politicians like President Woodrow Wilson and robber barons like John D. Rockefeller, whose loyal service was rewarded with admission into the global bank mafia crime family syndicate. Control of the Federal Reserve has allowed the bankers to steal hundreds of trillions of dollars from the American people. It only took a few generations to turn the richest nation on Earth into a bankrupt hyper-militarized hell hole.

The bankers control all major U.S. industries. Who owns majority shares of Big Tech? Blackrock and Vanguard. Healthcare? Blackrock and Vanguard. Ever wonder why the U.S. has the most expensive healthcare system in the world, yet gets the worst results? As a Goldman Sachs analyst admitted, curing disease with a one time treatment is bad business. Keeping people on lifetime medications guarantees a continual cash flow. That these Big Pharma products often produce toxic side effects is all the better, as that necessitates the purchase of additional medical interventions. Sounds a lot like the never ending covid booster shots.

Today, most of America’s GDP comes from financialization, i.e., toxic financial instruments, stock market rigging, currency speculation, corporate stock buybacks, fees, usury, and other non-productive parasitic scams that drain the nation’s life blood. Only the one percent benefit from this giant Ponzi scheme. The 99% are getting screwed.

Like all Ponzi schemes, this one is destined to collapse. To keep the system on life support, the U.S. is forced to take on gigantic loads of national debt to pay for bank bailouts. The 2008 bailout alone cost 29 trillion dollars. It gets worse. As Matt Taibbi reported in his 2012 Rolling Stone article Bank of America: Too Crooked to Fail, after receiving permission from the Federal Reserve, Bank of America moved 55 trillion in toxic investments into a giant FDIC insured account. This means the U.S. citizen-serf is on the line for the money. Expect massive cuts to social security, medicare, pensions, food stamps, unemployment insurance, fire departments, schools, and other social services to pay for these government subsidized banker bonuses. The Hunger Games are coming.

America’s financial deterioration was exponentially accelerated by President Bill Clinton’s repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which had previously separated depositor savings from investment banking. Wall Street was now free to raid the savings accounts of every American citizen.This same cabal of Clintonite globalists who repealed Glass-Steagall, also enacted NAFTA and outsourced the U.S. industrial base to China. What’s interesting is that Clinton and primary architects of these schemes like former Treasury secretary and Harvard president Larry Summers, were on the passenger manifest of Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express. Things that make you go, hmmm.

You don’t need a PhD in economics or sociocultural anthropology to understand that unrestrained rapacious economic theft by the ruling class leads to social chaos. Enter the covid pandemic false flag. The bankers and their technocrat managers anticipate civil unrest, and plan to use the lockdowns, mandates, and biometric ID vax passports to control the restive population. It only takes a couple of missed meals before people take to the streets. The globalists know collapse is coming, but they want controlled incremental collapse- a multi-stage program that ensures they remain in power after the burning embers cool down. Perhaps those citizen-serfs who take the required number of booster shots will qualify for a daily ration of Bill Gates’ GMO maggot-meal to assuage their hungry bellies.

Some think Bitcoin will save them. Who do you think is behind crypto-currencies? The technocrats are letting innovative members of the public work out crypto-currency’s bugs so Wall Street can hijack whatever digital corporate currency replaces the tanked dollar. Walmart and Facebook (Meta) have already unveiled their digital currencies.

Hyper-capitalization and commodification destroy the soul of the people. The book Simulacra and Simulation by French political philosopher Jean Baudrillard was the inspiration for the movie The Matrix. Baudrillard stated that when a society commodifies itself to Goldman Sachs steroidal levels, authenticity disappears. Materialism replaces spirituality, myth, and symbolism. The dying system can only produce simulations of authenticity, and from there, simulations of simulations, until all that is left are dry lifeless husks of nothingness.

Look at the soulless music and movies churned out by corporate entertainment media. Robots or AI could write more authentic songs and screenplays. Maybe that’s already happening. Simulated politics isn’t about governance. It’s a garrulous multi-billion dollar circus spectacle, where two teams compete to see whether the blue globalist puppet or red globalist puppet gets to serve the donor class. Mainstream news is so far gone, it’s no longer even a simulation of a simulation of truth. Highly paid actors read off teleprompters and regurgitate CIA talking points that are so absurd, even a squirrel monkey zapped out on ketamine would have a hard time believing the propaganda. Simulations of “alternative” news repackage the lies for more incredulous audiences.

To borrow from Chris Hedges’ book title, in its final stage, the empire becomes an Empire of Illusion. But even illusions can kill. Until they evaporate into the ether of memory- only to be reborn in the next cycle. Say hello to One World Government, courtesy of the Rothschild-Rockefeller Satanic Matrix.

America’s GPS has been set toward unprecedented social rupture. The bankers want a controlled collapse, but perhaps uncontrolled collapse is preferable to the transhuman slave hell the globalists have planned for us at the end of their anti-Christ rainbow of fire. Have we sunk so far down the pit that a Mad Max future might be our best option? I still hold on to a nanometer of hope for a mass awakening. Come on benevolent space aliens, forget Star Trek’s non-interference Prime Directive, and download some of that 2001: A Space Odyssey black monolith knowledge into human collective consciousness. Forgive my escape into sci-fi fantasy, but it looks like global finance has the jail locked down pretty tight- at least for this moment in space-time.

Think of the international banker as a tapeworm. The parasite attaches itself to its victim’s small intestines and sucks out the nutrients and lifeforce from its host. It will take harsh medicine to extract the banker parasite. Humanity can never achieve peace and prosperity until the international bankers and their globalist managers are deracinated from the collective human body- or sublimated into higher consciousness. Bookmaker odds say we go the hard route- a whiplash super sonic double death loop roller coaster ride with twisted rails, broken tracks, and loose bolts. Try not to puke. Or maybe you’ll enjoy the ride. After all, it’s only a simulation of a roller coaster.

Richard Solomon.

Freedom Coalition News

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