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New Yorkers Protest Australia’s Quarantine Concentration Camps

SOS from Australia! New York City patriots heard the distress call and gathered in solidarity with the Australian people. Australia's globalist government recently unveiled the next level of Great Reset tyranny- concentration camps. First they came for the Austrailians…, then they came for the New Yorkers….,” you know the Niemöller poem. Coerced human medical experimentation, concentration camps- it’s like reading a transcript from the Nuremberg Trials.

The Australian army began transporting residents from the Northern Territories to the camps after nineteen people tested positive for Covid-19. What makes it worse is the PCR tests are useless for diagnosing any type of illness, as stated by PCR inventor Kerry Mullis. The globalists don’t care. The late President John Magufuli of Tanzania, who was a trained chemist, sent samples of car oil, papaya, and goat, and got back positive PCR results. He then refused to participate in the lockdown /mass vaccination program. He died of a “heart attack” shortly thereafter. Kerry Mullis, who called Anthony Fauci a fraud, died months before the covid outbreak.

The protest started at the Australian Consulate and ended in the middle of Times Square. We had a police escort. Cops who refused the shot were purged from the department. Just before the Wall Street parasites grab their pension fund, they’ll terminate the rest- and replace them with third world mercenaries, drones, and killer robotic dogs. What are the cops going to do? If they rebel after their umpteenth booster shot, they’ll wind up in sickbeds, dying of heart disease, AIDS, or whatever else gets slipped into the vaccine’s remote control nanotechnology.

SOS From Australia Protest NYC 12-4-21

Occasional hecklers shouted insults along the way. I have no scientific poll to confirm this, but my guess is around 60% of New Yorkers are Hillary Clinton loving globalist sycophants. If Bill Gates told them to inject dog sh*t, they’d mad dash to CVS for their free shot. Continuous Deep State psyops zapped out their minds. After Obama repealed the Smith-Mundt Act, it became legal for the U.S. government to wage psych warfare against Americans.

Times Square was crowded. Welcome back vaccinated tourists. The giant HD digital screens on the buildings flashed scenes of hyper-consumerist subliminal messaging. It felt like the real life set of Blade Runner. Marching through the crowds, surrounded by dream machine living billboards created a pseudo hypnotic experience.

Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt (ex-Google CEO), Michael Bloomberg, and other billionaire psychopaths were enlisted to design the template for the “new normal” New York. Prepare for Big (Apple™) dystopia. Brain chips. Virtual reality. Amazon drones delivering premium strain weed and $100 per bite sushi to fortified high rise luxury towers. Police drones tazing hungry crowds. Homeless roasting rats over street fires. When it gets too hectic- release the robotic hounds.

I walked past a soccer field the other day. It’s nice- gated, AstroTurf, big digital scoreboards, bleachers. The local soccer leagues use it, as do some of the posh private schools. On this occasion the players were all African American kids around 10-12 years old. An atypical racial makeup for this facility. More kids and parents queued outside the gate, waiting to be let in. All had to show proof of vaccination to enter. A Black coach or assistant coach stood at the entrance checking vax IDs. He congratulated the kids on their vaccinations. He told them he was proud of them for being responsible young men. As a group, African Americans have the lowest vaccine compliance rate in New York.

One of the fathers stood about ten feet from the entrance. I assume he wasn’t vaxxed, since he wasn’t going in. He was also watching the show. Our eyes met. He looked down at the sidewalk in shame. I’m not judging him. If the mother is hellbent on getting the kid vaccinated, it’s almost impossible to stop. She can run junior down to the local Walgreens while dad’s at work. What can he do? Divorce her? She’s the sane and responsible parent. He’s the anti-vaxx wacko. At least that’s how the courts would see it.

Dangling a plush soccer field with accompanying coaches, refs, and equipment to induce city kids to get gene therapy injections isn’t as over the top as quarantine concentration camps. Sometimes carrots work better than sticks. The money for the soccer field comes from hedge fund managers. No surprise there. This is NYC- American epicenter of the Rothschild-Rockefeller Satanic Matrix. And then there’s Australia.

The quarantine concentration camps aren’t about disease prevention. It’s a wealth and power grab. It’s the installation of One World Government. Factory farm animals get locked in overcrowded cages and injected with toxins. So do serfs in a neo-feudal technocracy. Maybe the guards will let the concentration camp inmates play solitaire Nerf soccer in their holding cells. He takes the shot. Goal!

Richard Solomon

Freedom Coalition News

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