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NY Freedom Rally 11/20/21- It was Church!

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

The urban dictionary defines the slang use of the word “church” as awesome, cool, or true. The 11/20/21 NY Freedom Rally fit all those definitions. It was also church-like in the more traditional sense, in that it provided spiritual sustenance to beleaguered non-vaxxed New Yorkers living under draconian vaccine mandates- many of whom chose unemployment against the backdrop of a financially uncertain dark winter rather than submit to unethical and illegal medical experimentation.

I don’t know exactly how many people attended the event. The corporate media has an ongoing news blackout for all things vaccine skeptical, so accurate numbers are hard to come by. From my vantage, it looked like a significant crowd. Central Park West was filled up.

NY Freedom Rally 11/20/21

Featured speakers included Professor Mark Crispin Miller, Kevin Jenkins, Naomi Wolf, Tricia Lindsey, and other great presenters. The rally received endorsements from groups like the New York Firefighters and NY Teachers for Choice. A cordon of mostly friendly police and metal crowd control gates surrounded the attendees. Surveillance helicopters hovered above. Don’t blame the cops for the hyper-security. They follow orders. Most submitted to the vaccine under duress, i.e. termination and loss of pension for failure to comply.

I particularly enjoyed Professor Miller’s speech. He spoke on how the Left has embraced the Big Pharma-Davos billionaire narrative, and its totalitarian mandates. Ironically, the professor always considered himself a traditional left-wing guy, you know, anti-war, universal healthcare, free college. I’m for those things, although I think the Left vs. Right paradigm is divide and conquer B.S. Either something is good for people or it’s not. An educated and healthy nation that doesn’t waste its blood and treasure on endless wars that enrich corporations and banks seems like a good thing to me.

Prof. Mark Crispin Miller preaches truth to power.

I spoke to the professor after he exited the stage. He lamented about leftwing icon Noam Chomsky, who recently came out in favor of quarantining and starving the unvaxxed. I attribute this to the totalitarian nature of Marxism, which infects the brains of many leftist intellectuals. Marxism shares common traits with neoliberal corporate capitalism. Both want a technocracy ruled by unelected elites. Both are financed by international bankers.

Under Marxism you’re controlled by a fanatical vanguard of psychopathic academics and intellectuals. With neoliberal capitalism, divine law comes from an exclusive club of psychopathic CEOs and bankers. Either way, you get tyranny- and eventual genocide. The Great Reset combines the worst of these two pathological ideologies. This new hybrid is a materialist based One World Government that I think is best classified as “neo-feudal technocracy.” It uses science as religion to justify the worst excesses of human depravity.

Medical Freedom Activist Jo Rose- one of the vivacious and eloquent event MCs.

After the speakers finished, the march began. It started at 61st Street and Central Park, and cut through the heart of Manhattan to finish at Foley Square. According to Deep State Google Maps, that’s a distance of around 4.2 miles. New Yorkers are used to walking, as many don’t own cars. I sold mine around ten years ago. I don’t miss the insurance payments, gas prices, or owning a ton of metal that I can’t pack into a suitcase.

I like NY public transportation. When done right, it’s an efficient and environmentally friendlier way to move large numbers of people around. The fist fights (manufactured social stress), raving schizophrenics (mental health budget cuts), and potential for mugging (controlled scarcity capitalism), provide a level of excitement you don’t get driving in the suburbs. However, without a vaccine passport, I may soon be barred from mass transit. I’m already forbidden from entering bars, restaurants, gyms, and a host of other venues.

The brutal restrictions imposed on Gotham are harbingers of things to come for the rest of the country. New York is likely the number one globalist controlled city in the U.S. We’re ground zero for Big Tech/Big Pharma experimentation. No matter what the rest of America thinks of New York, our fight is the nation’s fight. If we lose, everyone else is next on the hit parade.

While I saw no violence on the freedom march, there were intermittent pro-vaccine (future brain chipper) hecklers. Nobody was going to start anything serious with an army of cops accompanying us. I think we would’ve been ok without the police escort. We were an energetic crowd with good numbers.

One of the positive aspects of the vaccine mandate is that you meet the cool New Yorkers at the protests. I spoke to many righteous folks during the march. And although we encountered some hostile pro-vaxxers, there were also spectators who cheered and honked in support.

At one point during the march, I stopped in front of a luxury highrise to pull out my water canteen. A maintenance man from the building stood nearby.

“What’s this for?” he asked, staring at the procession of marchers.

“A protest against the vaccine mandates,” I replied.

“I got the two Pfizer shots. For my job. No way I’m getting the booster. Bad stuff. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are behind it.”

I was surprised he knew the players.

“Exactly. The Rothschilds and Rockefellers. It’s bad. Don’t do it.”

As I walked back to the stream of marchers I hoped he wouldn’t. But if he already agreed to two rounds of a toxic experimental vaccine to keep his job, what was one more shot? And then another. And one more after that. And then a chip. Like they say, “In for a penny, in for a pound.”

A troublesome question pops its ugly head into my thoughts. Can this march or any of the freedom rallies taking place around the world stop what’s coming? The globalists are going to keep pushing their agenda. They’ve come too far to stop now. The bank cartel’s control of the monetary supply puts powerful tools at the technocrats’ disposal. They allow marches and protests because they believe their slavery and genocide program can continue unabated.

If the globalists ever view the protests as a significant threat or feel they are losing control of the narrative, then stronger methods of persuasion will be employed. Police will be ordered to bust heads. Masked security forces will kick in doors. Quarantine concentration camps will pop up. If that proves inadequate, they can crash the economy, pull off a radioactive 9/11, spray bioweapons over population centers- and blame the deaths on the newest covid variant.

Or they could use the time tested method of mass starvation. If you want a delicious serving of Bill Gates financed maggot paste, you’ll need to get vaxxed and chipped. They could even start World War III. Make no mistake- the globalists will stop at nothing to usher in the New World Order.

So with all that, does the NY Freedom Rally have value? Yes. More value than can be calculated in earthly coin. The title of this article said this rally “was church.” This rally and others like it provide succor to the human spirit. Like a powerful church service, the participants are spiritually energized to continue the fight against evil. Even if the globalists manage to crush this, that beautiful energy will take on new forms to propel the righteous struggle forward.

After the Battle of Britain, Winston Churchill said, “Never was so much owed by so many to so few.” That’s the way I feel about the organizers of the NY Freedom Rally. We owe them an unpayable debt for laying another section of track for freedom riders to travel on. When a portion of humanity emerges from the other side of the tribulation with it’s sacred DNA intact, it will be because of those who refused to comply, and support systems like the NY Freedom Rally. Church!

Richard Solomon, Freedom Coalition News

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