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NYC “Black Nationalist” Subway Shooter- False Flag Dupe or Neoliberal Capitalism Crack-up?

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

I don’t know if the recent NYC subway shooting was a false flag. It could have been an organic event. I’ll examine both possibilities, but start with the false flag angle as those types of attacks have become standard operating procedure. Intelligence agencies have a sordid history of manipulating dupes to commit crimes that prod the public into supporting surveillance state crackdowns. 9/11 and the ensuing Patriot Act is a big case example. The FBI’s ineptly staged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmore demonstrates the small potatoes template. The fake Whitmore kidnapping caper was so transparent, that the defendants were either acquitted or received hung jury verdicts from juries that were likely filled with “normies.”.

In the Whitmore case, the dupes were presented by the media as militia men. A militia man is synonymous with “White nationalist.” A White nationalist is synonymous with “domestic terrorist.” A domestic terrorist is anyone who complains too vociferously about the mind bending crimes perpetrated against the American people by corporations, oligarchs, bankers, MIC, Deep State, and the Rothschild Zionist Lobby. The mainstream media labeled alleged subway shooter Frank R. James a “Black Nationalist.”

So why would the Deep State instigate a mass shooting? As stated earlier, high profile terror attacks give the government an excuse to install more draconian laws that come with the blessing of favorable public opinion. Extreme gun violence inspires tougher gun laws. NYC has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. New York State still allows limited gun ownership in more rural counties. Corporate Red/Blue politicians want to turn NYC gun laws into state law. A disarmed populace is easier to bully.

That Frank R. James is called a Black nationalist by the corporate media harkens back to the Jan. 6th insurrection false flag. Following the D.C. protest, the Biden administration declared war on “White nationalists” aka “domestic terrorists.” Many of the poor dupes who were encouraged by Trump to attend the event were jailed and tortured for the henious crime of posting selfies on Facebook. If James is a “Black nationalist, then the intelligence agencies have an excuse to go after “Black nationalists” aka “domestic terrorists” aka Black people who call out globalist bullsh*t.

The corporate media vilifiies the Nation of Islam. NOI is one of the few Black organizations to publicly oppose the vaccine mandates. The globalists hate NOI. I love them. I wish there were one hundred thousand Fruit of Islam in NYC. Our chances of survival would increase dramatically.

The Black Hebrew Israelites are another targeted organization. For simply exercising their First Amendment rights of free speech and religion, they have had their headquarters raided and members arrested. I also suspect that a leader from their group was assassinated by the Mossad. The assasination theory is based on my personal conjecture, formulated from news articles I read. I don’t know how the Black Hebrew Israelites see it. Cosmic Consciousness aka God aka Yahweh- please protect the Black Hebrew Israelites.

The globalists hate “Black nationalist” organizations because unlike #BLM or the NAACP, they are not owned by the Soros crowd. Authentic Black groups understand the Covid-19 agenda because they understand the Tuskegee Experiment. They know the history. That’s why the FBI wants to destroy them. To implement the New World Order, history must be erased. As George Orwell wrote, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

On the other hand, if Frank R. James isn’t some low level Lee Harvey Oswald type dupe, that means he cracked up big time. In a minute of madness he unleashed a lifetime of rage on innocent working class subway riders. Whether in shopping malls, schools, or public transit, mass shooters always seem to target regular folks, never the managerial class. It could be a case of going after the low hanging fruit. Or their brains are too addled to view their actions through a socio-economic or political lens.

My knowledge of the subway shooter comes from the incident’s wikipedia page. Based on the number of run-ins James had with the criminal justice system, I think it’s fair to assume he led a troubled life. Not to excuse James’ behavior, but the system is designed to psychologically destroy people. For the past several centuries, the most targeted group in the U.S. has been Black men. Now they’re coming after everyone.

Neoliberal capitalism promotes crime, insanity, anxiety, depression, and poverty, as those conditions enrich the globalist class. Private prisons destroy millions of lives, but create huge profits for the corporations that own them. In addition, a society run by criminals needs a large industrial prison complex and militarized police force to keep its resentful subjects in line.

The politicians defunded the mental hospitals and threw the mentally ill out in the streets. Vulnerable people were sacrificed to subsidize NYC billionaire zio-globalist real estate developers who built luxury highrises that remain largely unoccupied because foreign billionaires use them as safe harbor investments. New York landlords keep half of their inventory empty to maintain high rent prices.

With all the vacant storefronts, apartments, and condos, why are there so many homeless people? Because the rentier class needs to artificially inflate their failing scam market that wouldn’t survive unless it was propped up by corporate socialism. We get capitalism (screw up and wind up on the streets)- they get socialism (screw up and get CEO golden parachutes, bank bailouts, and trillion dollar safety nets).

America runs a parasitic FIRE economy- Finance Insurance Real Estate. Years ago, “Made in the USA” was a real thing. We used to manufacture the world’s cars, electronics, ships, trains, and pretty much everything else. Now we make bombs and Twitter. The transition to a financialized economy destroyed the working/middle class. In a neoliberal capitalist society, poverty is hell. Living in hell drives people crazy.

I’ve watched big strong men in subway cars, divorced from reality, rant and rave as if possessed by demons. Driven mad by drugs, poverty, prison, homelessness, and police harassment, they sink into trauma induced schizophrenia. Countless minds were ravaged so Goldman Sachs parasites could stuff their coffers.

I’ve studied a number of these “flip out” cases, and most of the assailants were under severe financial pressure. Running on a non-stop hamster wheel for a dollar bill, drowning in debt, unemployment fears, homelessness- these conditions are not conducive to mental health. But don’t worry, in addition to their “gene therapy” vaccines, Big Pharma has a plethora of mental meds to dull the pain of financial crucifixion.

As end-stage capitalism drives more people insane, I expect an increase in flip-outs who go hunting for humans. The ultimate victims are the people who get shot in these rampages. As if life wasn’t stressful enough, they have to contend with a deranged maniac shattering their bodies with rounds of hot lead. In a society this sick, it’s surprising how many folks keep it together.

NYC has tough gun laws, but that didn’t stop the subway shooter. I’d prefer to exercise my second amendment right. I don’t trust the government or shooting spree crack-ups. Both are insane- only in different ways. To legally own a firearm, I’d have to move out of NYC. Living in Globalist Central distorts your sense of reality. I need to take a road trip to tap into the pulse of other parts of America. Although by the time I arrange that, we might be on the next lock down. If what’s happening in Shanghai China is a portent of things to come- NYC will be under mass house arrest. On the upside, if you’re locked in your apartment 24/7, your chances of getting hit by a bullet diminish significantly.

Richard Solomon,

Freedom Coalition News

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