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NYC tour: Anti-abortion rally, farmers' market, Nation of Islam, and Black Hebrew Isrealites.

Walking around a city reveals many things. My city is New York. I started my excursion at Union Square, which hosted both a pro-abortion rally and an upscale farmers' market. The majority of attendees for both events gave off the same vibrational frequency- triple or quadruple vaxxed, blue and yellow flag waver, MSNBC Democrat, White, uncritical thinker.

First the abortion rally. The global elites don’t care about abortion, except as a divide and conquer tool. If the plebeians fight each other over social hot-button issues, then they won’t focus on the criminal politicians, corporatists, and bankers who loot the collapsing American economy.

I won’t delve too much into the ethics of abortion. In nature, it is unusual for the female of a species to destroy her unborn offspring. It’s a sign of environmental stress- or in the case of humans, a sick society. If the social problems were fixed, abortion would mostly disappear. But fixing the root problems goes against the globalist agenda.

Once upon a time in America, the average man could work a regular job and provide for his family. His wife was free to stay home and raise the children. The globalists shipped the U.S. manufacturing base to China. Wages dropped as the cost of living increased. Women were forced to work to keep the family afloat. Children were neglected.

The rising price of healthcare, food, energy, housing, and other necessities pushed many families into poverty. Financial stress destroyed the family unit. Transferring hundreds of trillions of dollars of America’s wealth to the Rothschild-Rockefeller bank cartel and the war profiteers created an ethical dilemma. For many pregnant women, especially single ones, it became a choice between crippling poverty or abortion. Providing mothers with universal basic income so they could stay home and raise their kids would deter most women from seeking an abortion.

The farmers' market section of Union Square had a variety of items that included $30 dollar a jar organic honey and healthy looking “local” produce at double supermarket prices. Most of the attendees looked like they could afford the bountiful offerings. The tanking economy and societal breakdown might eventually wake a few from their CNN slumber. The majority won’t notice until it’s too late. After briefly scanning organic blueberry muffins, eyes lock back onto cell phone screens.

From Union Square I boarded the local six train to Harlem. Even the express trains were running on the local track. About seventy percent of the passengers in my car wore masks. Several of the empty seats were spray painted with blue letters that contained esoteric messaging known only to the artist.

When we entered the 28th street station I caught a passing glimpse of a photographer with a professional light set-up snapping pictures of a naked blond female model. Three male cops stood about fifty feet away and watched. I don’t know what the photo-shoot was about, or if it had official clearance from the city.

During the ride, several homeless people walked through the car begging for money. One of the beggars was a pregnant dark-complected woman who looked of Eastern European descent. She had two young children in tow. She looked like a professional. Some groups put women and kids into the subway to panhandle and then collect the proceeds. I gave her a buck.

Arriving at the 125th street station, I exited the train and made my way outside. Most of the denizens were Black, with a sprinkling of Whites, Asians, Latinos, and other races. Small clusters of Black fentanyl addicts swayed unsteadily on street corners.

As documented by journalist Gary Webb in his book "Dark Alliance," the CIA funnels destructive drugs into America’s inner cities and heartland. The international bankers act as money launderers. It’s a genocide program that reaps huge profits for the globalists. Gary Webb's death was ruled a suicide. He shot himself in the head- twice.

Harlem has a bunch of luxury condo buildings under construction. Zionist billionaire real estate developers like the 9/11 linked Silverstein Group and Kushner family are behind the projects. Most of the units will remain empty, as they are primarily used as safe harbor investments for foreign millionaires and billionaires. The condos raise local rents and force poor and working class Blacks out of Harlem. This is called gentrification.

Like their White Union Square counterparts, most of the Black people walked around with their faces glued to their cell phones. In Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park, the city put up a large statue of a muscular Black man texting on his cell phone. Docility messaging is ubiquitous.

Dark skinned African immigrant vendors lined the streets. Their stands contained cheap Made in China clothes, oils, incense, plastic sunglasses, and other sundries. Some of the Africans were engaged with their cell phones, but most conversed with each other, or people watched.

The digital marquis for the Apollo Theater flashed its thanks for the generous donation from “philanthropist” Michael Bloomberg. Attendees must show proof of double vaccination to enter the Apollo. At one time the Apollo hosted such luminaries as Billie Holiday and James Brown. Today it’s another zio-globalist plantation prop.

Parked NYPD patrol SUVs and surveillance RV’s are strategically positioned throughout Harlem. It gives the place an occupied Palestinian territory feel. Like their Israeli counterparts, New York City globalists don’t want the locals getting any ideas.

I chatted briefly with a bow tie wearing older Black gentleman selling Final Call newspapers on a street corner. I told him how much “we” (Jewish Hebrew Israelites) love the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, and that we appreciate their fight against the vaccine mandates and globalist agenda. After speaking, we gave each other a goodbye fist bump, and I went on my way.

Through brilliant scholarly work that dwarfs anything spewed from Jeffrey Epstein compromised Harvard University, the Nation of Islam Research Group exposed international banking’s role in the African slave trade and other crimes against Black humanity. Dr. Tony Martin, a professor of African American studies at prestigious Wellesley College, was so impressed with NOI’s scholarship, that he included some of their texts in his course syllabus. That transgression cost him his teaching job, and subjected him to horrendous lifelong persecution.

I hear a forceful voice emanating from a sound system. I cross the street to investigate. It’s the Black Hebrew Israelites. The speaker is flanked by powerfully built Black men dressed in biblical garb. He talks about the globalists’ genocidal war against the Black community. I think to myself, It’s not just Black people- they’re coming after everyone. His commanding stage presence reminds me of old Malcolm X or Huey Newton videos.

I support the Black Hebrew’s efforts to protect his race. Just like I support the right of the German, Swede, Russian, Ukrainian, Mexican, Vietnamese, Chinese, Native American, or Ethiopian to protect theirs. The globalists want to cut peoples’ ties to their historical roots in order to turn them into transhuman cogs in Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Black Hebrew Israelites say they are the true Jews, or real tribe of Judah. Given that organized Jewry is now an Israel-First crime syndicate, I think the Black Hebrews would be a vast improvement over the status quo. If the Black Hebrews prevail, then it’s likely the forces of the antiChrist will be defeated.

Just because I oppose Rothschild Zionism doesn’t mean that I don’t love righteous Jews and innocent little Jews. They too are victims of Rothschild Zionism. Nazism was the pathological response to Jewish finance’s pathological ruination of Weimar Germany. After Rothschild Zionism’s boot is removed from the neck of humanity, I think there’s enough room in the tribe for everyone.

It starts to rain. I head home. While I cherish the small pockets of resistance I encounter, New York City is as occupied as Paris was during World War 2. Gestapo globalists control the police, politicians, real estate market, financial sector, and all the other services vital to a city. Most New Yorkers have joined the MSNBC death cult.

At best, NYC will be a future battleground in the next civil war. If the Rothschild Zionists continue to hold power in New York City, and every sign indicates they will, then the city’s free beings will eventually be hunted down, killed, or thrown into concentration camps. I pray that those who remain trapped here and refuse the Mark of the Beast (next generation vaccines or microchips), are at least granted an honorable end. Judeofascism, with its liberal facade, is as ruthless as Nazi fascism. Lingering in NYC too long can be hazardous to one’s health. Will I escape in time?

New York City’s creative legacy is amazing. Talents who made their mark in this city include James Baldwin, Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Alan Ginsberg, Norman Mailer, pre-IBM Bob Dylan, Mart Crowley, Blondie, the Ramones, and Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Corporate "simulacra and simulation" replaced creativity. Today, NYC is a Disnified Times Square Broadway horror-show with vaccinated only seating and Goldman Sachs controlled ticket prices. Perhaps a new and better city can arise from the ashes. Assuming those ashes aren’t nuclear.

Richard Solomon,

Freedom Coalition News

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