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PsyOps Cake with False Flag Icing: Expect multiple deliveries in assorted flavors.

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

The Supreme Court blocked Biden’s federal vaccine mandates. The UK dropped its Plan B Covid emergency measures. Canadian trucker pushback ignited international support. Good news? Yes. Time to pop the champagne cork? No way. To take artistic license with a Carpenters’ song title, They’ve Only Just Begun. The globalists invested too much time and energy into Great Reset technocratic dictatorship. We must own nothing and be happy by 2030. They’ve got a schedule to keep. So make room for another serving of psyops cake with false flag icing.

“They” say 60% of the U.S. population is vaccinated. Let’s assume that’s true. That means the remaining 40% are holdouts. Squeezing vax refuseniks harder could stiffen resistance. Better to ease up on the pressure a bit, and then hit them with a brand new false flag. Like Lenin said, “You probe with bayonets: If you find mush, you push. If you find steel, you withdraw.” When the time's right, they’ll push again- only harder.

For act two, they might cut the global supply chain to create empty store shelf panic. Mandatory vaccination passports for Canadian and Mexican truckers entering the U.S. certainly hurts supply chains. How about a cyber attack on the energy grid in the dead of winter? Not destabilizing enough? Launch a cyber attack on the global financial system and blame it on Russia. The Department of Homeland Security just “warned” about a potential “Russian” cyber attack on the U.S. The big players recently held a tabletop cyber global financial attack exercise in Israel. Sounds a lot like the pandemic tabletop exercise Event 201 that took place shortly before they introduced us to Covid-19.

Ok, so they launch the next false flag. You’re starving. You’re freezing. You can’t withdraw money from the ATM. Bam, Big Pharma-Pentagon inc. releases a new and improved covid variant from one of their “gain of function” labs. Deep State corporate media and its online army of bots go into chatter overdrive about the millions of new deaths, and the unvaccinated superspreaders who are responsible. Not to worry, says CNN- Big Pharma unveiled their next generation miracle booster shot, and billionaire philanthropist oligarchs are working hard to stop the socio-economic meltdown. Perhaps it’s time to reconsider your vaccine hesitancy. Those who do, get a care package containing a Bill Gates’ toxic synthetic meat sandwich and bottle of his refreshing feces water to wash it down. Yes, one of his labs really developed water made from human sh*t. Nothing’s too good for the peasants.

As reported in the Grayzone, a 2020 NATO-sponsored study on cognitive warfare stated, “The brain will be the battlefield of the 21st century.” The report went on to say that, “humans are the contested domain,” and “future conflicts will likely occur amongst the people digitally first and physically thereafter in proximity to hubs of economic and political power.” As an enforcer for multinationals and international finance, NATO ought to know.

Using its corporate media arm. the Deep State wages continuous psychological warfare against the U.S. people. This battle for the mind went into overdrive after CIA asset Barack Obama repealed the Smith-Mundt Act, which had previously prevented the government from unleashing psyops propaganda campaigns against the American people. Not that the CIA wasn’t already doing that, as demonstrated by Operation Mockingbird. However, they used to hide it. Now it’s in your face: Torrents of fake news feeds, with zero pushback from mainstream “journalists.” Online Deep State bots that hijack comment sections and discussion boards to sabotage productive conversations. Controlled opposition Red/Blue echo chambers that work their followers into a state of discombobulated rage. Divide and conquer works.

Exposing a population to endless psyops campaigns peppered with intermittent false flags drives it insane, and creates a perpetual emotional bandwidth of fear. Dr. Robert Malone, the developer of mRNA technology and harsh critic of vaccine mandates and the Big Pharma covid jabs, refers to this condition as “mass formation psychosis.” Look at the tens of millions of Americans begging for lifetime injections of a toxic genetic experiment that offers no protection from transmission and destroys natural immunity. And the double-masked triple-vaxxed frightened lab rats want the Dr. Mengele madness forced on the rest of us.

Social media fear psyops turned America into a p*ssy nation. Although technically, the U.S. is no longer a “nation,” but rather a Wall Street owned two hundred trillion dollar I.O.U. hole in the ground filled with aging infrastructure, indentured servants, spyware, and nukes. It’d make quite the fireworks display if someone ever lit a match. Like Psalms 11:6 says, “Upon the wicked he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and a horrible tempest, this shall be the portion of their cup.” A government run by greedy genocidal globalist pedophiles is satanic. Those who willingly serve this devilish entity open the door to the flames of hell.

Mattias Desmet, author and professor of clinical psychology of Ghet University in Belgium, and an expert on mass formation and groupthink, says that people with higher educational levels are often the most susceptible. Desmet states,”The people who try to get advanced degrees are usually people who think social status is very important. And that could be the reason they are inclined to conform with the mainstream narrative.” I agree. Some of the most rabid pro-vax/pro-mandate people I’ve encountered come from the liberal professional class. Although as a matter of general principle, any upper social status individual who derives their reality from the New York Times, NPR, or MSNBC, is from my viewpoint, a high functioning lunatic. It might be a case of psyops induced insanity, but crazy is crazy.

The trick to creating a society of malleable nuts is maintaining a constant level of fear. Scared people usually agree to anything. Collapse the Twin Towers, and they cheer when neocons shred the Constitution and wage endless war to keep them safe from CIA created Al-Qaeda. Release a treatable bioweapon with a 99.8% survival rate, and watch the frightened hordes rush to volunteer to become human guinea pigs for a deadly genetic experiment. And if some refuse to comply- threaten to terminate their employment. The fear of poverty goes a long way in a neoliberal capitalist society.

Like the Devil, effective psyops mixes truth with lies. Controlled opposition QAnon rightly identified the Deep State and the globalists as bad actors. However, the “trust the plan” mantra was designed to produce inertia in QAnon followers. QAnon savior Donald Trump fast tracked the Operation Warp Speed vaccine rollout. He also attended Mossd operative Jeffrey Epstein parties, and Trump’s mentor Roy Cohn ran the underage sex blackmail ring for the Mossad prior to Epstein taking over. Trump also let his January 6 fans rot in jail. But not to worry, the zio-globalist controlled reality tv star’s going to save us in 2024. What’s frightening is, Biden’s probably worse- he’s a bigger warmonger and likes to sniff little girls. I stopped voting for the lesser of two evils, i.e., I stopped voting, period. Play the red vs. blue game if you want, but you can’t vote your way out of this. Especially when an evil multinational corporation like Dominion controls the voting booths.

Black Lives Matter, bankrolled by the likes of George Soros, the DNC, Amazon, Chase Bank, and the Ford Foundation, is another example of controlled opposition psyops. Police brutality and racial profiling are legimate issues, but #BLM was used as a strong arm front for the corporate Democratic Party. Real Black leaders get assassinated or sent to prison. Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and Black Panther Fred Hampton focused on racial injustice, but were also anti-war and wanted economic justice for all Americans. That’s why the FBI/CIA killed them.

Identity politics #BLM addresses race issues, but obfuscates the bankers’ agenda. It’s hard for a legitimate Black civil rights organization, or any grass roots group to evolve today. The globalists found that writing a check for ten million dollars works better than an assassin's bullet. However, that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped killing and jailing those who refuse the thirty pieces of silver, e.g., covid vax skeptic Tanzanian President John Magufuli (likely), Julian Assange (confirmed).

The Pentagon and CIA spend billions of dollars of our money on the psych warfare programs that are used against us. America has become one giant psyops. We’re captives in a mass MK-Ultra experiment, but instead of LSD, they’re using DNA altering vaccines. In fairness to LSD, psychedelics have shown promise in the treatment of severe PTSD and trauma. Perhaps the covidian cultists could chill out if they munched on some magic mushrooms. With a qualified trip guide of course.

The ancient Hindu spiritual texts call the worldwide state of illusion maya- a condition that propagates mass insanity and dangerous delusion. Some ancient Greek philosophers referred to it as dokos. Using psyops and false flags, the Deep State built a giant unreality collective. A dark iron prison to contain the human mind.

How can we know the truth when our society is one giant lie? Well, like Plato (repeating Socrates) said, “know thyself.” Who are you? What code do you live by? How do you apply it to your program? It takes a strong mind to resist groupthink, as well as extra effort to research information that is suppressed by Big Tech algorithms. From my viewpoint, a connection to cosmic consciousness aka God is also paramount. Our five earthly senses are susceptible to manipulation, so having an extra antenna helps pick up and process hidden data.

Digital media offers unprecedented opportunities for the acquisition of knowledge, but it also gives totalitarian technocrats a powerful mass brainwashing tool. Since Big Tech/ Deep State controls all the media platforms, it doesn’t take a Mr. Spock to compute that even bigger psyops campaigns and false flags are on the way. Beam me up Scotty, these motherf*ckers are crazy.

The Jewish Hebrew Israelite,

Freedom Coalition News

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