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The Canadian Trucker Convoy: When the Left is Right, and the Right is Left.

The Canadian Trucker could be the biggest mass labor protest in decades. It pits working class labor against transnational corporations, Big Pharma, neoliberal politicians, and global finance. You’d think the so-called left would be marching in solidarity with the truckers. After all, the left says they're against globalization and the monopoly control of supply chains by crony capitalist corporations like Johnson & Johnson, Starbucks, and Walmart.

The Freedom Convey offered a unique historical opportunity to not only protect worker’s bodily autonomy, but could have been a springboard for improved wages, pensions, and benefits for the working class. Globalization and the funneling of corporate profits to CEOs and Wall Street have turned the U.S. and Canada into failed neo-feudal societies ruled by corrupt elites. Instead the Marxist left chose to support globalism by either remaining silent or attacking the Freedom Convoy. Some from the authentic left like Jimmy Dore, speak out for the truckers, but they’re in the minority.

Not that I trust the “right,” as both sides are owned by global finance to maintain the “divide and conquer” status quo. Fox News supports big corporations. More importantly, Fox News is a big corporation, with ties to Big Pharma, Big Oil, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Military Industrial Complex. Same for “left” MSNBC. The corporate fake news right realized that a sizable number of its conservative base objected to taking part in a dangerous Big Pharma genetic experiment, and took on the role of controlled opposition. While the corporate right media might show sympathy toward the truckers in regards to vaccine mandates, it will never oppose Wall Street policies that allowed Big Pharma to seize federal regulatory agencies like the FDA and CDC. Nor will it ever endorse positions that raise the standard of living for the working class.

Why doesn’t the radical left support the truckers? I think they believe that mass vaccinations and the accompanying biometric vax ID passes will help bring about socialist utopia. Afterall, the vaccines are “free” to all citizens- a form of universal healthcare. Next comes UBI, free college, and three day work weeks. I support those things- as well as civil liberties, ethical entrepreneurship, and zero taxation, however the only social benefits the vaccine mandates will bring are more “free” Big Pharma toxic injections and an early grave for those outside the managerial class.

When corporations force workers to submit to Judgement at Nuremberg medical experimention to keep their jobs- it’s wage slavery. Aren’t the Marxists always railing against “wage slavery?” The real problem is, Marxism and neoliberal capitalism are two sides of the same Rothschild-Rockefeller bank cartel owned coin. The right-left delusion only perpetuates the system. As long as bankers and psychopathic oligarchs rule, the only choices offered will be Communism or predatory corporate capitalism. Both bring war, poverty, and death.

The grassroots right needs to understand that it was unregulated capitalism and its neoliberal policies that brought us here, not democratic socialism. Rule by bankers and corporations isn’t socialist- it’s unfettered capitalism. The only real socialism that exists in America, is socialism for the rich, e.g., banker and corporate bailouts, endless war for the MIC. What we are experiencing is end stage capitalism, which turns into corporate socialism, which turns into technocratic neo-feudalism. Whatever you call it, it’s still slavery.

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

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