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“Why doesn’t someone do something!” she cried.

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

“Why doesn’t somebody do something!” she cried. Most of us have seen this movie- or its iteration. It’s the one where a couple of hoods torment passengers in a subway car or some other enclosed space. The hooligans move from victim to victim, slapping around and humiliating men, groping women. Finally a woman cries out, “Why doesn’t somebody do something!”

The male victims’ faces flush with shame. They outnumber the two marauders, and united, could easily overpower them. But nobody wants to make the first move. If no one backs them up, they fear a vicious beatdown from the thugs. After an interminable period of physical and psychological degradation, one of the men snaps, and in a rush of adrenaline fueled fury, unleashes a brutal beatdown on the tormentors. One of the better templates of this cinematic archetype is The Incident, starring Tony Musante and Martin Sheen.

As the globalists perform Judgment at Nuremberg medical experiments on civilian populations. As they poison healthy fetuses and children. As they mutate the human gene pool. As they transfer the nation’s wealth to a small cabal of robber barons. As they build an Orwellian surveillance state. As they strip away our last remaining Constitutional rights. You can hear that terrified woman’s cry- “Why doesn’t somebody do something.”

That’s not to say people aren’t doing anything. Protest rallies across the world push back against “show me your papers” tyranny. Patriots are filing lawsuits. And despite Big Tech-Deep State media censorship, scientists, journalists, and comics, continue to expose covid crimes. I think all of that is amazing, and anything that slows down the Great Reset is a blessing. Who knows, screwing with the globalists’ time table might wind up saving us.

However, when I say “do something” I mean knocking the switchblade out of the thug’s hand. That goes beyond resisting biowarfare trace and track mandates. It means restoring the Bill of Rights, and installing real representative government -by the people, for the people. Even if we throw a monkey wrench in the covid false flag, the Rothschild-Rockefeller bank cartel still controls the U.S. Ziocon Empire and its NATO vassals.

If not stopped completely, next time the technocrats could poison the water supply, or plant a nuke in a big city. These criminals need to go- or at least have their war making capabilities dramatically curtailed. Easy to say, hard to do. To modify Matthew 19:24- it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than to crash the Rothschild-Rockefeller Satanic Matrix.

Like the trapped victims in the subway car, the 350 million American citizen inmates outnumber their Federal Reserve backed warders. If the U.S. people put aside their differences, and in a unified voice said, “enough is enough”- our collective nightmare could end tomorrow. That’s why the globalists invest so heavily in divide and conquer psyops.

Red Twitter vs Blue Twitter. Black vs White. Middle class vs poor. FOX vs MSNBC. Vaccinated vs unvaccinated. How do you fight the real thugs when you’re busy clawing at the throats of the other subway captives? It’s safer and simpler to release your pent up rage against your fellow citizens than a totalitarian government that holds the power to atomize you.

No one wants to wind up like the imprisoned and tortured Januray 6th protesters. Victims of a mousetrap false flag, the protesters were lured into the Capitol building’s opened doors. They nibbled at the cheese, and got crushed. It was a message from the Deep State to the American people. Patriots heard it loud and clear.

9/11 birthed the Guantanamo Bay gulags and legal torture. The Muslim prisoners were practice. “Enhanced interrogation” techniques such as waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and stress positions, are ultimately intended for Americans not bedazzled by corporate media spectacle and propaganda, or unwilling to queue up in front of the Apple Store to be first to receive Elon Musk’s virtual reality brain chip.

Face facts. You live under corporate facism. Political philosopher Sheldon Wolin called it “inverted totalitarianism.” You can vote in sham elections. You can choose between an Android or iPhone. You can drink Coke or Pepsi. You can get the story from CNN or FOX. You can protest- to a point. You can pop off tweets that don't violate ADL/Big Tech hate speech rules. You can “volunteer” for medical experimentation or starve. With all those choices, this must be a democracy. Yeah, right. Wait until the next episode. What they’ve got planned makes Hitler and Stalin look like Laurel and Hardy.

Given the facts on the ground, I can’t advise subway riders to bum rush the thugs. Not yet anyway. Becoming a noticed security threat will likely get you the Julian Assange, Seth Rich, or Ashli Babbit treatment. That said, I respect and pray for the martyrs who sacrificed everything for our freedom.

In a high tech police state, they can eliminate anyone, anywhere, anytime. When necessary, they’ll even bump off their own operatives. Jeffrey Epstein “committed suicide” in Manhattan’s most secure jail while under 24 hour video surveillance. Dead sex-blackmailers tell no tales. Based on the professionalism of the hit, and that he worked for them, I credit Mossad for Epstein’s broken neck.

I keep my protest within the confines of state and federal law. Even that provides no guarantee of safety. As the technocratic noose tightens, our last remaining freedoms will get choked off. At some point, your only choice may be to die with dignity or like a slug. If an extraordinary rendition goon squad snatches you off the street, you might not even get that.

The Great Reset is about controlled social and economic collapse. It may also entail a divide and conquer civil war. While those are all terrible things, they may provide opportunities for action that are not available at this juncture. I’m not strong enough to lay hands on my tormentors- they have King Kong and Godzilla for bodyguards. I’ll continue to take their slaps and insults, and bitch about it in articles or at protests- at least until they change the channel. Most of what they throw at us are psyop illusions anyway.

For now, my dial is tuned to Cosmic Consciousness aka God. I’ll follow my code. I’ll run my program. If a green tunnel light signals me to come out swinging- so be it. If not- so be it. In the meantime, I await further instructions.

Richard Solomon

Freedom Coalition News

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